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Thanks to all of you for following us this year! The project CUBE 365 officially came to an end on 31. December 2015 (at the end of the celebration of the 200th anniversary). This site is no longer updated, but you will find a complete report of the project here.

We hope that you had fun following the project (as much as we had fun realising it) and we address you our warm regards.

In the name of the organising board of CUBE 365
Vincent Courtine - Initiator, general coordinator of the project and director of the Tourist Information Office of Sierre, Salgesch & Vicinities



Designed by the Sierre, Salgesch and surrounding areas’ Tourist Office to honour the Bicentenary of Valais joining the Helvetic Confederation (1815-2015), CUBE 365 is a totally unique mobile hotel room, with dimensions similar to a shipping container.

Entirely designed and created in Valais, thanks to the support of the Bureau des Métiers, its key associations and a team of craftspeople, CUBE 365 is (in a word) a prototype that is a world -first, jam-packed with the latest technology.

This worthy representative of our region’s skills and talents will be touring Valais from 1 January until 31 December 2015, changing location every week. Every Wednesday, whatever the season and whatever the weather, it will move from one region to another, to illustrate the diversity and beauty of our wonderful canton.

So 52 different places have been carefully selected by us…however there’s no point looking for them, as they aren’t announced beforehand, they remain a secret until the move!

Finally, as we really wanted this to be a « Bicentenary gift », nights in the CUBE 365 are not for sale. Overnight stays (and a full programme of activities) are up for grabs in a free draw, open to anyone, anywhere in the world. So if you’d like to take part in the adventure, what are you waiting for, fill in the entry form.

Good luck everyone!

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You’ll find a gallery of previous locations below.




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