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Day of arrival

6th May 2015 


46.211946 / 7.333740



Day of departure

13th May 2015  




Located in the plain, between the side valleys, the capital of Valais is the place to visit. You definitely have to stop here for a while, in a place where life is good.

Sion is a small town with a cultural and historical background. It is full of energy and character. It is especially famous for its busy Friday market, its old town with paved narrow streets, like the charming “rue de la Lombardie”, its lively pedestrian streets with flowery balconies and the hills where the two medieval castles of Valère  and Touribllon  stand proudly at the foot of the terraced vineyard.

The “Domaine des Iles”, dear to the inhabitants of Sion, offers a verdant haven of peace, very near the town centre. There, you have the choice between resting in the shade of the big trees, swimming in the clear waters of the small lakes and walking while watching children play.

“Les Iles” is also a wide ground where you can practise a vast number of sports and do activities in all seasons.


Tasty, historical, modern, epicurean, charming






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